Coming Soon: Official Envirco Facebook Page

Posted April 3rd, 2018

Recently, it came to our attention that an Envirco Inc Facebook page was created several years ago, which Envirco did not create.  Envirco Inc has gone through the proper steps with Facebook to delete this location page.  Any posts and information on this falsely created page will be deleted.

Envirco is in the process of creating our official Facebook business page within the next month. This page will be monitored and managed with integrity.  Plans are to include posts such as news, route changes and holiday information, link to our website to pay bills, contact information, and community efforts dear to Envirco. When published, this page will be kept current and it will be searchable in the Facebook search bar.

Envirco will notify customers once our Facebook page is available to encourage “Likes” and “Shares”.  Envirco hopes this will be an effective tool for our valued customers.