Wintry Road Conditions Reminder

Posted February 8th, 2021

Customers are reminded that Envirco encourages safety of our employees and for others traveling the roadways.  Secondary and subdivision road conditions may not always be safe for our trucks to travel at the time of collection during these weeks of snow/ice and thawing/re-freezing temperatures.  When these events occur, Envirco does make an effort to evaluate and reschedule collection of these areas in a timely manner, if possible.  Pictures are being taken of these questionable roads at the time Envirco attempts to provide service.

There are several roads on Monday, 2/8/2021, that were not safe for Envirco to travel at the usual time of collection due to freezing/below freezing temperatures.  These customers may chose to leave solid waste out for collection and Envirco will attempt to service these areas as soon as possible.  Subdivision roads and non-state maintained roads must be made safe to travel per the agreement with the Home Owner’s Association (HOA).  It is the HOAs responsibility to make road conditions favorable and safe for our trucks to travel in order to provide services.

Envirco appreciates your understanding and cooperation during these wintry weeks!