Why must I “tag” my solid waste?

Posted September 27th, 2010

Some collection points require several subscribing customers to set solid waste in a common location. Reasons for tagging may be due to shared driveways or subdivisions, road safety reasons, non-state maintained roadways, or theft of service problems.

If you are required to tag your solid waste, be creative and consistent with your method of tagging to deter theft of service and to ensure Envirco can promptly provide you service.

Some suggested methods:

  • Preprinted address labels. If you do not wish to use your name and/or address, use your account number.
  • Use the same color/size of bags each week.
  • Never change the location without notifying our office.
  • If you use cans/bins, each bag must be properly tagged. Theft of service can easily happen simply by putting untagged bags in your can/bin.
  • Be aware of larger, suspicious amounts at your location and report potential theft of service to the Envirco office for investigation.
  • Contact the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources to enforce the litter laws.
  • If you live in a subdivision and there is an established homeowners association, Envirco can provide services within a subdivision. The homeowners association must simply enter into an agreement with Envirco to provide this service. Contact the Envirco office and request a Subdivision Memorandum.
  • Do not allow others to take advantage of your paid services.

Envirco is aware that tagging can be inconvenient and cumbersome. Envirco’s goal is to provide quality services for our paying customers. If others are allowed to abuse the services, this raises costs to not only Envirco, Inc. but to our entire customer base, which is you.

True Story:

It is an early Tuesday morning and paying customers have placed their solid waste at the end of their personal driveway out for collection along Route 259. An unidentified, non-subscribing person, having several bags, decides to drop off one bag of his or her solid waste with several different paying Envirco customers along the same road he or she traveled to work that Tuesday morning. This is theft of your service!